About VitaCare-Biotechnology

VitaCare-Biotechnology is a New Zealand company that brings Advanced European skincare products and and supplements that are 100% organic and recognised as an immuno-rejuvenating, immuno-balancing and anti-ageing 21st century discoveries. 

The people behind it

Pawel has a long history in the health industry that began in 1995, and from 2001 had worked alongside three major pharmaceutical companies in Europe such as Stada GmbH, Alfa Wassermann, Medagro International (recently Angelini Pharma). He has been a manager for Colway Poland since 2007. 

Pawel has lived in NZ since early 2013. 

Initially landing in NZ as a tourist from Poland, NZ was the 44th country he had visited. Arriving in Auckland to visit his friend and to explore, dive and write articles about NZ and the South Pacific.

It wasn’t long until Pawel unexpectedly met a new Kiwi love and 2 years later made Auckland, New Zealand his home.

Importing Colway products from Poland to NZ was an easy decision as he could see there was a gap in the NZ market for superior quality supplements. Pawel had experienced the benefits of taking Colway’s advanced European product range first hand as he overcame his own health issues after recovering from various serious accidents.

Having always been passionate about the medical/health and sport industry Pawel is continually refreshing his knowledge to ensure he is up-to-date with the latest in scientific research. He takes the responsibility of being a health advisor extremely seriously and enjoys nothing more than helping individuals to improve the quality of their everyday life.

Pawel’s vast background includes work experience as a paramedic and anatomo-patho-morphologist specialising in Organ Transplants in:

  • Eye Bank, Eye Clinic (Ophthalmology Clinic in Lublin,  Poland)
  • Eye Bank of Prague (Czech Republic), 
  • TBI Baltimore (USA), 
  • Eye Tissue Bank in Manila (Philippines), 


  • Military scuba diver – miner & pathfinder (CMAS 3 stars),  (1990-1992)
  • Swim and Water Rescue instructor/team leader for both swim club, medical school, fire department and water rescue department, all throughout his adult life.

His academic background ranges from qualified Paramedic, anatomo-patho-morphologist, scuba diver, swim/water rescue instructor to a masters degree in Sports Psychology for children.  

Students at H&S Swim School in Auckland greatly benefit from his swim/water rescue coaching and sports psychology experience as he enjoys taking weekday evening swim squads.

When the weekend and holidays roll around he likes nothing more than embracing the Kiwi lifestyle and spending time travelling, scuba diving and photography.

Pawel does what he can to give back to his adopted country.  He is a regular Plasma donor for the NZ Blood Service and is the first to put up his hand when divers are needed for a subaquatic clean-up of the ocean floor, any opportunity to get underwater…

Should you have any questions for Pawel in regards to how Colway products could benefit your health and well-being he encourages you to make contact with him. “I care, therefore I am” – is his favourite saying…