Collagen is a major connective tissue protein that plays an important role in the extracellular matrix in animals. As such, collagen possesses good biocompatibility with animal body tissues [link]. Atelocollagen is a type of water soluble collagen produced from tropocollagen, the collagen molecule that makes up collagen fibrils, via the elimination of the telopeptides moieties (by using enzyme – protease treatment) which are considered to account for most of collagen’s antigenicity [link1link2]. Thus, atelocollagen is considered to have little immunogenicity, which makes it a safe biomaterial [link] and remains the same properties as collagen. In fact, it is widely used for implantable medical and plastic surgical products [link]. Atelocollagen is used in medicine for culturing cells also in cosmetics for it’s strong anti-ageing and rejuvenating properties. Also Atelocollagen is used as a highly biocompatible biomaterial. To date, atelocollagen has been used as an effective drug delivery technology to sustain the release of antitumor proteins and to enhance the antitumor activity of oligonucleotides in in vivo models. However, the biological effects of this technology are not fully understood yet.

The atelocollagen triple helix region is conserved among species and shows low immunogenicity, while the telopeptide regions exhibit high immunogenicity. Peptides obtained by hydrolysis by enzymatic treatment are called hydrolysed collagen. Gelatine and hydrolysed collagen have totally different properties from collagen due to their structural differences compared to collagen.

This comes as a culmination of the fascinating Polish story of discovering extraction methods of live, transdermal collagen helices from fish skins. It is also a masterpiece of the art of confectioning for a new generation of skin care products. Unique combination of three types of collagen: atelocollagen, tropocollagen and procollagen, in a substance that is one of a kind, effectively fighting the passage of time for us.

COLWAY Atelocollagen is another anti-age product from the line of transdermal collagen gels only produced in Poland and a true masterpiece of protein biotechnology.
This unique product is composed of three types of low molecular collagen. The first one consists of molecules isolated from fish skins, which keep the triple helix conformation (tropocollagen). The second one is atelocollagen, whose structure is also a triple spiral, which, when in contact with pepsin, achieves the perfect biological purity, previously only achieved by medicine manufacturers, which means that it can also be used for dermal injections.
The third one is procollagen, i.e. peptide chains which only create collagen spirals in the collagenogenesis process.

The collagen helix model immersed in hydrogel is also built with elastin and non-ionic gold, which create a synergy with collagen peptides to act as an ion pump: accelerating migration of active ingredients and exchange
of microelements and stimulating the process of cleansing the body through the skin. It prevents discolorations, has soothing, antibacterial and bio-stimulating properties.
COLWAY Atelocollagen is so velvety smooth thanks to sericin, i.e. liquid silk, its aroma comes from natural rose oil, and its great absorbability is achieved, for the first time in cosmetology, by using such tiny protein aggregates in a collagen complex.
All collagen gels offered by COLWAY are composed of native, transdermal and biologically active proteins. These anti-ageing products are unique on the global scale, with recognised efficacy and well-founded reputation. Unlike thousands of other creams, they do not fight the effects, but target the root cause of the problem. The main cause of wrinkles is collagen deficiency.

The product contains native fish collagen.
Does not contains parabens, silicones nor emulsifiers.

Learn more about atelocollagen (link): Atelocollagen