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11/04/2020 Auckland.  Josee Lebel – Auckland Colonics. Colonic Therapist. Naturopath & Herbalist. Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach.

The Platinum Collagen Gel is a new and exciting addition to my skin-care regime. I’m using it as a Serum, an intermediate layer between the Collagen Wash Gel and whatever I’m using as a final moisturizing layer, morning or night-time and from season to season. I adore this product. It settles, soothes and smooths my skin. If you wish to go to the next level with your positive-ageing regime, I recommend the Colvita collagen capsules with Algae and Vitamin E capsules as well.
I’ve been looking for a CLEAN, BIO-AVAILABLE, sustainably-sourced collagen product.  Collagen is a super-nutrient that supports the health of all of the tissues of the body in a natural and powerful way. Here’s what I’ve noticed with taking COLVITA collagen… an improvement in the elasticity of the skin on my face, neck and body and the bit of inflammation in my knee-joints seems to have disappeared since I started taking two of these COLVITA collagen capsules with Algae and Vitamin E capsules each day.
I recommend this natural health product as part of a healthy-ageing regime”.

21/10/2019 Whangarei. Catherine Knight

Must tell you that I used to have a lot of lines on my forehead. After using these products for well over a year now, the lines are not really noticeable. I was a heavy smoker for many years and I’m finding these products are repairing the damage smoking did to my skin. Since I started using products from you just over a year ago my skin has really improved. My husband often comments on my skin since I started using your products.

01/03/2018 Auckland. Janet Love

VitaCare-Biotechnology product range is fantastic. I have used the Collagen Washing Gel (cleanser) and the Collagen Gel. I have sensitive skin and have tried many products throughout the years and finally found this range which is great, I highly recommend it. Also the Gel used in conjunction with Axanta Supplement is great for problem skin like acne particularly for teenagers!!

25/07/2018 Auckland

Our clinic has had access to VitaCare’s Platinum Fish Collagen skin care gel, and other supporting products, for almost a year now and are impressed with the results. We are well aware that collagen molecules cannot penetrate the skin as they are, but this company has that ‘can do’ attitude and have worked out how these can break down into small fragments and peptides, in order to do so. Pawel has been generous with his time and information throughout our clinic’s trialing process, and his passion for his products shines through!

     Linda Jackson
     Skin Wellness
     72 Apollo Drive, Mairangi Bay, Auckland 0632

19/05/2017 Auckland

Recently, we contacted Lee-Anne Wann, a performance nutritionist, men’s health advocate and one of New Zealand’s top health and fitness experts. Lee-Anne was kind of enough to share her personal and family experiences while taking the Colvita supplement, and here is what she had to say:

My father has been using Colvita and Colway Vitamin C for the past 12 months. He has liver cirrhosis and was told there was nothing more to be done but wait until his liver got worse to be put on the liver transplant list. We decided we had nothing to lose, so I changed his nutrition and focused on foods to help with liver function, minimized any processed, packaged foods and introduced higher protein levels into his diet. 

We then added 8 x capsules of collagen (Colvita) per day — split into 4 doses each with 1 x tab of Vitamin C.  I also gave him 4 x 400mg SAMe per day.  Now 12 months later his liver tests are nearly those of a normal functioning liver and his blood tests are just about normal.  He has reduced nearly all of the medications he was on and is currently only on a tablet to help manage blood pressure.

I have been using Colvita as well, as part of my training regime– and also to manage arthritis, as I have no cartilage left in one knee and must be very careful of it to manage the pain – I was told I would need a knee replacement.  I take 2-6 capsules of Colvita per day with 2-3 Vitamin C capsules – I have no knee pain, no knee swelling and am able to train as normal, with no ill-effects at all and I take no other joint supplements.

I’d also like to add that having recently given birth to a baby girl I am really pleased with my skin health in terms of absolutely no stretch marks at all – having gained 18kg and delivering a rather large baby. I used the Collagen Gel on my stomach daily followed by coconut oil.  I also took Colvita and Vitamin C daily while pregnant and am thrilled with the results. 

– Do you use any of the Colway skincare products? If so, which one(s)?

Yes I use collagen platinum gel, day cream, night cream, body scrub and toner.

17/05/2016 Auckland, Pavel Adamczuk

I have been taking Colvita capsules for 10 years. My goal was to improve my spine, joints, bones and muscles after a very heavy motorbike accident. My leg spent 6 months in a plaster cast and had 2 surgeries. Thanks to supplementation with Colvita I have dramatically improved all injured parts of my body. Recently there are no signs of my past injuries. I’m still continuing Colvita supplementation which helps me “keep going” with my daily workouts and supports my diet.

03/03/2016 Auckland, Catherine McGregor

I am 38 years old and have had quite unexpected success with my Colvita Collagen supplementation in more ways than one…
I began taking the recommended elevated doses 3 months prior to completing my first half marathon. The idea being that Colvita would help support my body during the increased training regime and aid in my recovery. I was so impressed at how well it supported my body during this time of physical stress, and that I managed to train up to, and finish my event injury free!

And the real unexpected success, that took both myself and my partner by surprise, was that 4 months after taking my initial dose of Colvita we conceived our daughter!
The reason this was so unexpected is because I had been told by 2 highly respected IVF Professors that the chance of me conceiving naturally and via IVF was zero as my AMH level was close to zero. Little did I know that my ovaries had not been functioning properly. After 4 months of Colvita the connective tissue quality improved, therefore resulting in a healthy egg to be fertilised. In my previous rounds of IVF I had suffered horrendous side effects from a drug prescribed to achieve a similar result.

11/12/2015 Auckland, Margaret Legh

After taking COLVITA collagen capsules from September this year, I found my joints were working better, in that I could bounce out of the car after an hour trip, without feeling ‘seized up’ ! I highly recommend this product. I would go so far as to say, it is the only supplement I have ever taken from which I have felt good, positive results.